Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brine King Premiere 6X Goalkeeper Gloves - model SSGKGP64

Brine King Premiere 6X Goalkeeper Gloves - model SSGKGP64

Performance: Some of you may not know this because Reusch, Nike, Sells, and adidas are what most of the pros where, but Brine makes some pretty sick gloves.  These new King Premiere 6X's are awesome. First thing you'll notice is that they look intimidating. They are black with some electric blue contrasts with black palms. Well the highlights don't end there. If you're like me then you'll like a glove that hugs your hand and this does exactly that. They are well padded and the fingersave "Backbones" are going to do their job. At first, they seem a little stiff, but putting them on and making about 100 open and closed fists will help loosen them up before you step on the field. They palms do a great job on almost any surface and doesn't seem to lose much of it's tackiness even when wet.

Feel: These gloves are not meant to be worn "loose-fitting." They are well padded, yet provide plenty of flexibility in the backhand thanks to the vented gussets. Like I mentioned above, these fingersavers are going to do their job. You're not going to forget they're there, but let's be honest, if you're wearing gloves with finger protection, you want to know you're being protected.

Rating: 8.5/10

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